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Understanding risk : what do those headlines really mean? / National institute on aging.
Bethesda, Maryland : National Institutes of Health, 4 f. (05-07-2005)
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Gestion des risques
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Every day in the newspaper or on television we see stories about new medical findings. Perhaps we hear that a certain drug causes a 300% or 3-fold increase in strokes. That's a large increaseƒit sounds scary. But, if you know that in every 10,000 people not taking the drug, there are 2 strokes, then a 3-fold increase really only means 6 more strokes. Maybe that's not quite so frightening. It's also confusing that sometimes stories seem to report opposite resultsƒa new vaccine prevents a devastating infection, or it doesn't. How are we to make sense of such stories? How do we know what to believe?

This fact sheet provides some background to help you understand these news reports. It might also help you judge which results are really important and which are simply interesting but not a reason to change how you take care of

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